Tregear Presbyterian Preschool

Tregear Presbyterian Preschool

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Get Your Children Ready for School

At Tregear Presbyterian Preschool, we provide early childhood education and care. We have two classrooms, named Kangaroos and Possums, in Tregear, New South Wales. In each class, there are 20 children supervised by 3-4 qualified and experienced educators. 

Our preschool is a warm and welcoming community where connections are made and relationships are built. The centre operates in line with public school terms and closes during the school holidays. We are all about:

  • Readiness for School
  • Family and Community
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Exploration and Discovery

  • Social Interaction
  • Learning Through Play
  • Problem Solving and Independence
  • Creativity

Catering to the Different Needs of Youngsters

We make individual learning plans for children with additional needs. Each goal and step of the plans are made together with the parents and other support agencies working with the child. A free one-on-one speech therapy program is also provided for eligible children who are enroled to our curriculum.

Offering Bus Services

For families with no transportation, do not worry. We provide preschool bus services to transport your children to and from our centre.

Food and Drinks

Our centre has a canteen which is open every day. Children may have their breakfast, morning tea and lunch while mingling with their peers.