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Tregear Presbyterian Preschool

A Safe Place Where Children Can Learn and Play

Tregear Presbyterian Preschool is a 40-place, community-based and not-for-profit preschool that caters to children ages 3-5 years old. We provide an inclusive early childhood program that meets all of the children’s needs regardless of varying abilities, culture and family circumstances. Our team strives to include each child’s individual goals within a group setting. We also teach the importance of acceptance and celebrating differences.

Our team prides itself with a high staff-to-child ratio (one educator for every seven preschool-aged children) to ensure that the children’s specialised needs are taken care of. Being well-staffed, we can also support children with additional needs and to strengthen community networks at our centre in Tregear, New South Wales.

We have a progressive indigenous program that reflects the needs of the many native children currently enrolled at our centre. It is child-centred, family-focused and works alongside the loved ones so that each child’s needs are satisfied.

Developing Our Curriculum

Operating in Tregear for more than 40 years, our preschool has continued to grow and develop facilities for our students and their families. Included in our growth in the last 14 years is the addition of a speech therapy service for identified children at the centre.

This service has allowed our students to participate more actively in other educational opportunities. Armed with a variety of skills, the children will also be able to confidently make the transition to a primary school.

Awards and Recognitions

With a positive impact and contribution to the community, Tregear Presbyterian Preschool has been awarded the Most Outstanding Child Care Service. Our centre has also won the Australian Business Gold Award for Excellence in Customer Service.

We also have a current rating of EXCEEDING in the National Quality Areas as assessed by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) and the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities (DECS).

Mission Statement

A community-based centre, Tregear Presbyterian School is committed to the provision of high-quality and inclusive early childhood education and care. We provide an environment where children, families and the wider community feel welcome and be able to engage in learning as well as become confident and competent lifelong learners.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide high-quality and inclusive childhood education and care that is accessible to families and the community. We envision each child to experience a genuine sense of belonging, have the time and space to be their selves and be supported in who they are becoming. We strive to collaborate with families and the community to achieve the best outcomes for the children.

Our Philosophy


We believe that children are unique and inquisitive individuals who work and develop at their own pace. They are valued and important regardless of their race, culture, religion, gender, family structure and socio-economic background. They are active, capable and competent participants in their learning. They draw upon their family’s culture to actively pursue their education.

Learning Environment

We provide a learning environment that is warm, welcoming, safe, caring and flexible so that children’s interests are met. We provide stimulating and challenging surroundings to encourage creativity, exploration, investigation, independence and decision-making, thus promoting a rich culture of play and learning.


All members of our staff are qualified and experienced. They are all treated with dignity and respect and given professional development training, mentoring and nurturing. Our staff is also given a safe, professional and well-supported workplace to ensure that they maintain and enhance their high-level skills.


The families of the children under our care are valued, welcomed and respected as the first and most influential educators of their children. We will strive to work collaboratively with them to assist in the development of their children and ensure that the curriculum is meaningful for each child.

Tregear Presbyterian Preschool aims to build positive and trusting relationships with families by accepting their situation and encouraging their involvement in children’s education. This is done to promote consistency between home and the centre.

As a part of the “extended family,” our staff members are partners in developing, educating and nurturing your children. We embrace and support vulnerable families so their children with special needs will be able to access and participate in quality early education and care.


Building collaborative partnerships within our community, we actively communicate with various people and are responsive in the provision of services. We work as partners in early childhood education with agencies and organisations.

Our preschool also collaborates with other early childhood centres and groups. These include health providers, tertiary institutions, government departments and financial supporters to ensure that the children receive education and care that are comprehensive, high-quality and holistic.


Our curriculum encompasses the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. We aim to achieve the five learning outcomes which inevitably help each child form their identity through “Belonging, Being and Becoming.”

Belonging is the concept of feeling included, welcome and connected to what is going on around them. We openly welcome and accept the diversity of the different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs that exist in our centre. This helps all families and children think, “this is a place where I can belong.”

Being is the concept of childhood which is a time of joy, wonder and exploration rather than one of pressure, haste and stress. Our program aims to provide children with the time and space to explore and engage their surroundings, develop deep and satisfying relationships as well as to simply enjoy themselves.

Becoming is the concept of our educators helping children reach their potential. Preparing for the future is not only our aim; it is a part of our role. We strive to expose children to a whole range of experiences, ideas and ways of doing things to help give them an understanding of those possibilities. Our team helps children believe that they can be anything that they want to be.

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